A Review of the Nomos Orion

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Nomos Orion

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The Nomos Orion is a classic dress watch with a modern distinct design.


(This photo does not do the watch justice).

The watch has a nicely modified movement, a stunning dial, and a nice case with two curved sapphire crystals. What is not to like?

Well, at around 1000 euros there must be a catch, and there is: Nomos has the capability to produce really impressive timepieces but it seems they have problems with quality management. The first watch I got had a scratched movement, the second had misplaced batons, dirt, and marks on the dial, the third I have now is very nice (but the placement of the batons is still not comparable to other more humble watches). It seems I am not the only on who has experienced problems (and Nomos has acknowledged there has been some quality issues), but still, if the lemons are avoided, the Nomos Orion is a bargain.


Modified Pseux 7001:

My watch gains between zero and one second per day.