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Support for connection limits


thttpd is a simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server. It was written by Jef Poskanzer and others, but (official) development seemed to have stopped with 2.25b from 2003-12-29.

This page was probably served by thttpd.

Support for connection limitsContents

The support for minimum bandwidth is broken in 2.25b and furthermore I needed to limit the number of connections instead so I have written a simple hack to support this. To configure (in throttle.conf) use:

PATTERN              X-Y

to limit connections that matches PATTERN to max X connections and max Y B/s bandwidth (where X originally was used to denote min bandwidth).

Patch for 2.25b


I have written an init.d-script to start and stop thttpd (I use it on Debian). Rename, edit DAEMON to contain the full path to thttpd, and place in /etc/init.d.

thttpd init.d script